Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Its Christmas on the NBP

December 25th, 2016
Merry Christmas from the Nathanial B. Palmer! (ok this is a few days
late, I will get to that) Today I got up and had a lovely breakfast, all
the stops were pulled out to give us a delicious spread for the day. I
would like to add, food on board has been really good so far (Thanks
Well, right after eating more than I probably should have, we started
hitting some rough waters (I am told that these are actually small waves
and that we are lucky to be broken in mild conditions such as these) My
insides told a different story and within about 15 minutes of rocking
and rolling with the waves, the dreaded motion sickness began to take
over. Now, I am a fortunate individual as all I experienced was some low
level nausea. Not everyone was quite as lucky.
I was told to just let nature run its course and that I should be
feeling as good as new within a couple of days. I really tried to heed
this advice. In fact, I got through pretty much the entire day before I
had to throw in the towel and admit defeat. This really should come as
no surprise, as I am the type of person to feel queasy sitting in the
passenger seat of moving car. To that end, perhaps I should have asked
the captain if I could pilot the ship? Seems like a reasonable enough
It turns out the one thing that stops sea sickness in its tracks (just
one mans experience) is to lie down in a dark room and sleep. And oh boy
did I do a good job with that! The constant rocking is reminiscent of a
hammock, or perhaps being rocked to sleep in a parents' arms. The
hardest part of the day was having to pull myself out of bed to
participate in the aft deck training. This involved suiting up in a
mustang suit (or in my case, a mustang jacket) and going out on the back
deck to learn how to safely navigate a possibly treacherous part of the
ship. On this ship, the aft deck is low enough to the water that waves
regularly break over the railings sending a small wall of water towards
your legs in an effort to take you down. Luckily for me, there are some
large containers we are transporting that I could lean against. The cold
air does help minimize the effects of being sea sick, but I was still
not having it.
As soon as we were finished with training, I high tailed it back to my
bed to rest until lunch time. Despite feeling miserable, I still managed
to hit every meal! As I mentioned above, the food here is good, and
somehow eating seems to help.
As you may have surmised dear reader, this was not a day to get work
done. I did attempt to write this post, but after a couple of minutes
staring at the screen, it was time to head back to bed. Shooting video
was definitely not on the agenda for the day.
For the first time in my life, I missed celebrating Christmas on
account that I slept for the better part of the day. By 9pm, I gave up
on trying to go the tough guy route and cracked open my prescription
motion sickness patches, sea bands and ginger chews. They must have
worked some Christmas magic as I woke up on the 26th feeling like a new
While the holiday has come and gone, I felt it necessary to tell you
about the joys of celebrating a green Christmas. Most of the
conversations on the ship today revolved around how we were feeling and
what drugs we were taking to make the first day at sea a bit more
tolerable. My only hope is that I eventually acclimate to the constant
rocking. If I have to take medicine the whole time, so be it. However I
would be even happier if I could kick my propensity for motion induced
nausea once and for all. Only time will tell, I suppose.
Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled programming, my next post will
go back to thrills and difficulties of film making at sea. Perhaps I
will share my experiences shooting with a 360 camera? Yes? No? How about
this, if there is something you would like know about my adventures in
film making at sea, leave me a message in the comments section! I will
do my best to address any questions in an upcoming post.
Happy holidays and stuff,

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